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Born in Chantaburi in Thailand, her childhood's favorite items include insect stickers, color pencils and crayons. She used to have many animals growing up and Ikkyu-san  (Mister Ikkyu, Toei Animation by Hisashi Sakaguchi ) was one of her most favorite childhood cartoon series. 

From a young age, she was familiar with traditional temple visits and learned general knowledge on chanting and offering food to the monks. At eleven, she asked her parents if she could move to Singapore to continue her education. As happy as she was also missing them; they agreed and wished her well. Since then she travels and lives overseas between visiting home.


With the interest in the mind and body, she learnt meditation and teachings from the monks and teachers. Only to begin to realize many things she didn’t know before and can’t help but think how that knowledge could have be beneficial if only she had come to know about it earlier in a fun story.

With that, she is keen to create stories that will be fun for kids to learn about body awareness as well as thoughts and emotions. With the hope that important skills of mind and body awareness can be experienced from an early age and grow to become a healthy habit. Rather than trying to pick up the habit at later years in life which can be a challenge. 

    " Learning should be fun, and “becoming” should be as natural as playing. "

 Currently, She enjoys creating work that inspires others to connect with themselves and the world around them.

Exhibitions :

National Academy Museum | 1083 Fifth Avenue New York City

6TH Annual Creative Mischief Exhibition Group Show

Title : Observing emotions

May 18th - Jun 13th   2017

The Art Student League | 215 W 57th St New York City

Creative writing Group Show

Title :  Inner Light

Feb 19th - 24th   2018

The Art Student League | 215 W 57th St New York City

Creative writing Group Show

Title :  28 Days Metamorphosis

Feb 19th - 24th   2018


Book Excellence Award Finalist : Moli and the Magic Tunnel , 2021


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