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Front Cover Update copy_edited

A report on diverge community Hackney  whereby different cultures live in harmony and with much freedom to express each of their unique origin as well as each individuality.

The concept and idea generation was finalized at the colorful threading concept, where each thread was lay down in non-arrange, at ease , overlapping on each other in a curvy manner as the threads normally would be without interference to straighten them.

vinyl cover

An artist’s songs through art on canvas. Here I explore her body movements, her costume and sound through colors and texture on canvas.

Along with typography font of the album name typepackage that is design in alignment wtih experimental, avant-pop, electronic genres.

sport magazine
skateboardmag1-2 (1)

Exclusive interview for sport magazine:

The given brief is the column interview of a big company white collar worker who realized his true calling of photography on skateboards community and decided to give it a jump and resigned in order to be who he truely wanted to be and how that decision gets his passion at works rolling fiercely again.

Here, I incorporate one of my admired graphic designer David Carson, to give a feeling of no more big company's rules and restrictions and let's the fun and freedom begins. 

I just want to design column layout and typackage in such a way that readers can feel the man behind the story , his work as well as who he is when he is himself. And hopefully, it might inspries some readers to realise their dreams and act on it. 

Flims of Fashion
holdingfront tick
IMG_0161 copy

Haute couture feel on print ad. I incorporate my fashion drawings into the creation of folded brochure 11” x 17” , film ticket and a full movie poster 40 x 60” Desginers and behind-the-scene documentaries

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