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Breathworks & Meditation

Conscious breathing is a wonderful way for children to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and self-regulate. In our breathwork sessions, we use imaginative stories and interactive games to teach children about their breath. Kids will learn fun breathing techniques to center themselves, focus their minds, and manage overwhelming emotions. We start with simple exercises like deep belly breathing to relax the nervous system. Kids can visualize colored breaths to stay present and calm.


We “blow away” worries through cleansing exhales or absorb positivity by inhaling “joy breaths.” With a playful atmosphere, children connect to their breath, bodies, and inner tranquility. Our patient instructors make breathwork entertaining and educational for kids of all ages. Children will have fun as they gain skills to find balance through the foundational mindfulness practice of conscious breathing.

Guided meditation is a calming practice that helps children build focus, emotional awareness, and inner peace. Our kid-friendly meditations use imagery, storytelling, music, and mindfulness techniques to capture busy minds. Through expert guidance, kids learn to direct their attention, release stress, and access a state of relaxation and clarity.

We offer Imagery Journeys where kids visualize soothing scenes like beaches, forests, or clouds. Story Meditations take children on mindful adventures to teach lessons. Mantra Meditations use words or phrases to center the mind. Loving-Kindness Meditations cultivate compassion and gratitude. And Sensing Meditations draw awareness to sounds, touch, and more.

Our skilled instructors make meditation engaging, educational, and most importantly - fun! Children discover how to find tranquility amidst life's storms through the simple practice of sitting, breathing, and tuning inward. Guided meditations plant seeds of wisdom that blossom into mindful living. Join our relaxing, uplifting sessions and watch your child blossom too!

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