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Dead green or peppermint fresh. 

I wonder if the world has desensitized you?

Architecture is a frozen music,

be my sweet higher frequency violet.”


Feelings and energy not yet prepared for

telltale signs

full spectrum

powerful vibrational

in the midst of transitional


A letting go.

An opening.

An unfolding.

Gently unfurling my sail.


Connect some threads within 

this wild tapestry we are weaving

Groundedness emanates 

of something abstract but perceptible.


-my inner light to rainbow.




Swaying and moving in the wind

As living things have been born.

Eager and curious ; as the moving petals

Bustling against one another.

Beauty in the living.

Breathing and flourishing under the rays.

Alternating between shade and light.

Feeding to the eyes and souls.

As knowing a nature of a flower. 

You will understand the whole forest.

As with my state of mind

I simply go to my breathing

To ride through a wave

that will safely delivers me to the shore.

Soft illuminated string binds

Tighten high up from the sky

Lifted my elongated spine

Making room for my breathing mind

Miracle exists in clear sky

When all clouds move by

Past and future mind

They all just passing by


Temporary happiness before chaos

Moving along in those clouds

When I allow myself to no longer be surrounded by them

I now encounter with miracle. 



Sometimes agony, despair and remorse

sometimes envy, jealousy and fear

sometimes rapture, amazement and relief 

sometimes ecstasy, agitation and alienation


The widest range of emotions.

when the word love is mentioned;

so I question was that love ?

How magic ignited

Light and darkness need to coexist  in order to give light and shadow and hence the meaning of all things. We will not be able to see and relate to things if there is only light without shadow behind it.  Everything we see all the words have their pair of the opposite. The latter only exist to highlight each other as to  strengthen and highlight its existence.


It is the law of nature as there can be only relative perfection.

Your less evolved areas have a right to be. They whisper of things past. They whisper of unfullfillment , of confusion and of the pain of the soul that has been separated sitting on another side of the light.



And they need  to exist to remind you that the very opposite of these do exist. Once your heart is open to embrace the darkness of the shadow, your eyes and your mind will experience the opposite side of it.  And through experience level not only on knowledge level of darkness; you are capable to experience what lies on another side of it.That should explain why biography of most prominent humans have been through and in touch of that depth of darkness.

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