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"If kids come to mindfulness young, they will have an easier time keeping compassion, empathy, and creativity alive; being happy; and pursuing their dreams."

Susan Kaiser Greenland

My passion lies in guiding children and young minds toward moments of tranquility in today's fast-paced world. My mission is rooted in the belief that the arts, connection with nature, and contemplative practices are powerful tools to enhance emotional intelligence, ignite curiosity, and foster serenity amid life's chaos.

Our mission

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What is mindfulness ?
How does it enhance children's well-being?

Mindfulness is the practice of consciously immersing in the present moment. Simple mindfulness practices help children connect to an inner oasis of stillness, insight and vitality within themselves. Rumi teaches that inside every child lies a shining core of peace, waiting to be uncovered.



As attention stabilizes inward, mindfulness opens gateways to wisdom, creativity, empathy and joy often obscured by emotional turmoil. Meditation brings luminous what habit hides. By training the mind's patience, qualities like balance, focus and connection organically arise as children come home to their breath, body, heart. Well-being unfolds from inside, nurtured by mindful awareness of each thought and emotion blossoming in a child's inner garden across life's seasons.

What is mindfulness?

Nature Mindfulness

Children in Nature
Nature Mindfulness

Studies show nature boosts concentration, self-discipline, creativity, resilience and emotional wellbeing in kids. Discover nature anew through our creative mindfulness sessions for curious young minds. We'll guide kids to explore natural settings using sensory attunement, movement and art.

Imagine activities like eco arts, crafting with natural objects found on forest strolls, writing nature haikus atop hilltops, or partner yoga mimicking animals that include learning about breath works. Sessions interweave joy, curiosity and reflection in nature's sanctuaries


Whether your schoolyard, local parks or our retreat, we facilitate journeys tailored to age and place. Let the natural world spark self-discovery and imagination as sessions unfold with laughter, inspiration and wonder rediscovered.


Please get in touch to book a session. I cater for schools, private groups and collaborative projects.

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness - Learning through play

Sessions are available for schools, private groups, in an outdoor setting and 1:1

Available for children and young people ages 4-17

Please get in touch for inquiries.

School Mindfulness offerings

School Mindfulness

I work in partnership with schools to offer mindfulness sessions and resources, to help children and young people understand and regulate their feelings, feeling more calmer and grounded.

My sessions include  breathing exercises, mindful movement, meditation, creative activities and follow nature themes. Encouraging children to connect with the natural world, their feelings and their most importantly their hearts!

and can be delivered in school settings as well as online if required.

Themes are different for each session and include topics such as: 

Hope, kindness, resilience, gratitude and self-compassion.

I teach students from Key Stages 1-5 and  am DBS checked as well as

being a qualified school teacher.

Benefits of mindfulness for children include:

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Improved ability to regulate emotions

  • Development of resilience and confidence

  • Development of imagination and self-expression

  • Encourages empathy for nature and each other

Please get in touch for prices of my school programs. Including: 

  • Yoga & Mindfulness 

  • Art & Relax - Creative Mindfulness

  • Staff Well-being

  •  Mindful Nature Connection 

Libraries, Museums & Gallery

Libraries , Mueseums & Gallery

I work alongside museums and galleries to provide children's well-being activities. 


These sessions are designed to encourage children to engage with art and nature in a calm and inquisitive way, using the gallery collections and the natural world as inspiration. Children are encouraged to connect with art, nature and their own bodies and emotions. 

Please get in touch with any enquiries and bookings.

Mindful children's story books


# 1 New Release 2020Book Excellence Award 2021


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Services offer

Play   Story   Breathe

We provide mindfulness programs for schools,

colleges, charities, galleries, and museums.

Our services include:

  • Yoga and mindfulness for kids and youth

  • School mindfulness sessions

  • Mindful art workshops

  • Mindful nature walks

Home About


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Jayada is an author, illustrator, and children's mindfulness instructor. Through stories, art, yoga, and meditation, she helps children cultivate awareness, connection, and inner peace.

Raised in Thailand, Jayada grew up with a deep respect for mindfulness traditions. As a child, she loved storytelling and drawing, which sparked her passion for picture books.

After moving overseas for her education, Jayada began formally studying meditation. She became a Vipassana practitioner and assistant teacher in children's meditation for over a decade.

Jayada realized these practices could truly help children if made engaging and fun. She now creates colorful stories and activities aimed at teaching kids about their emotions, senses, breath, and being present.

An award-winning author of children's books like 'Moli and The Magic Tunnel', Jayis also a certified Children's Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher. She delivers programs to children ages 3-18, parents, and school staff.

When she isn't writing or teaching, Jayada enjoys meditating outdoors and connecting with nature. She finds joy in visiting schools to share mindfulness through books, yoga, art, and play. Her passion is inspiring mindful living from an early age.

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UK : +447426192365  Thailand : +66959635362

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