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6TH Annual Creative Mischief Exhibition Group Show

Title : Observing emotions

National Academy Museum | 1083 Fifth Avenue New York City
May 18th - Jun 13th      2017

Aware of being aware


Aim of the project is to raise awareness that we are not one with the thoughts or emotions ; but the observer of these passing thoughts and emotions. 


The idea was to hang the paintings on the wall and pull the inserted paintings of the human emotions out slowly to match how the person is feeling and that the emotions slowly become less intense overtime, leaving behind space and clarity on the background of the painting.

Aware that I am feeling '.....'  by walking oneself to the wall of emotions paintings.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.28.06 PM.png

The three main negative emotions paintings here represent the three kleshas :​


  1. Ignorant (greed /โลภ)

  2. Aversion (anger /โกรธ) 

  3. Attachment (delusion / หลง) 


which are identified as the root or source of all other 'kleshas' or defilement (กิเลส) in the contemporary Mahayana and Theravada Buddhist traditions that will lead to other more negative emotions.

It's not about trying to control but simply being aware to observe.

To remember that what we resist persist.

Can you forecast how many , when , and what thoughts will to be arise in your mind? 

Are we aware of our emotions that arises with each passing thoughts ?

Are you being one with your thoughts and emotions? (you don't realize the timing they comes or leave your mind.) 


Our body cells constantly get renew with new one once the old cells die; not the exact same cells you have over years with the proven of how about older body cells look aging through period. Our body change as we gain weight , lose weight , injured or healed. Our bodies are in flux just the the river that we see is never the same water , as they flow constantly. Or the turn on lamp with constant light is nothing but a moving molecules of electric current in order to light up the bulb. Clearly the body alone can't define self. Just as Dr. Lee Lipsenthal mentioned in his book and other profound studies on being.


Can we define ourself by our thoughts and emotions? And we will realize that our perceptions of things are too not the same through time. It can change over the years or even within a day. Hence, again we can't identify self as our thoughts. All we know is that we notice these changes. The constant consciousness in us that notice these changes. 

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