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Yoga and Movement

Yoga and mindful movement are wonderful ways to help children cultivate body awareness, coordination, and confidence. Our yoga sessions use playful poses and exercises to get kids moving mindfully. Through stories, games, and stretching, children learn to connect with their bodies and breath in a spirit of fun and acceptance. Classes incorporate kid-friendly yoga postures, breathing exercises, visualization, and relaxation techniques.


We explore balancing poses to improve focus and concentration. We "roar like a lion" in uplifting postures to feel strong and brave. And we wind down with calming stretches to relax the body before restful meditation.  Kids will have a blast developing body awareness as they stretch, breathe, balance, and strengthen their way to positivity. Yoga gets children energized and engaged in health of body and mind!

The Imaginary Orchestra

Yoga Storytime

In this yoga adventure, we'll act out a journey to the jungle! As we read an imaginative story, we'll pause to do fun animal poses like lions, tigers, elephants, and monkeys. We'll roar, stomp, and swing through the tale, moving mindfully like the creatures in the book. After our wild jungle trip, we'll relax with stretching and a calm activity. Get ready to move and imagine as you flow through stories on this yoga storytime safari!

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Superhero Yoga

Calling all superheroes! In this yoga session, we will explore brave and powerful poses to awaken our inner strength. Practice super senses by striking intuitive poses. Move stealthily like a sly cat. Stand tall and proud in heroic poses. And balance gracefully like a courageous tightrope walker. Our superhero yoga adventure will build focus, discipline and confidence. Come show off your powers as we shape-shift into all kinds of superheroes!


Yoga Games

Let's play our way to mindfulness! In this active session, we'll use teamwork and creativity to complete fun yoga challenges. We might shape ourselves into letters of the alphabet or mirror each other's stretches. How many yoga moves can you link together? We'll put flexibility, balance and laughter to the test in engaging group games. With healthy competition and cooperation, you can accomplish more than you think. Join us for an uplifting hour of imagination, movement and camaraderie!

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