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Inner landscape

22 : 3 : 2018 , NYC

Inner landscape


Whistling of first sun rays, 

waking up  all sleeping beauty 

from long winter sleep.

tossing colorful fabric flying in the sky,

layers after layers of rainbow flies ;

changing their dresses to match their high

and catch spotlight under the vibrant sky.


The vapor diffuses through the air, 

as each flowers mingling to make new friends

Both bees and butterflies

flapping and dancing under their wings


In my secret underground spring,

when things outside swing.

I let them be and stay within

the garden where I seek and found.

— secret underground spring. 

                                                         JS. 3.2017

Inner music
Inner music
New Project_2016-09-07 20-16-24.jpg

“ Balancing inner music involves tension.

It is a qualitatative thing , not quantitative.

It is asymmetrical and a matter of character.”

Rainbow and Light

Rainbow and Light 




Field of energy performs

my thoughts and feelings.

Fluidity dancing 

of frequencies in rhythm. 


Groundedness rising red

nurturing into creativity orange 

solar yellow power wise warrior 

 emanates sweet peppermint green


Swirling truth sky blue

beyond sensuality earth. 

Balancing tunes to the realm of universe indigo.

Surrender to the infinite; 

be singular with the innate violet.

As light travels home from rainbow to emptiness white.





Swaying and moving in the wind

As living things have been born.

Eager and curious ; as the moving petals

Bustling against one another.

Beauty in the living.

Breathing and flourishing under the rays.

Alternating between shade and light.

Feeding to the eyes and souls.

As knowing a nature of a flower. 

You will understand the whole forest.



Winged & Enchantment awaken the sense of wonder



Tiny golden threads holding my swing 

 From infinite midnight sky

Swaying melodiously back and forth 

Up in the air across land and ocean wide.


Delicate soft glinting light

As tiny stars whisper their heart beats

Gracing from my swing down below

we are just speck in the universe.


Yet time and space are one thing.

As our souls are something else.

Leaving souls from cosmic equation

We are actually big and huge.


Out of the quadrillions of organisms

in this planet earth

We are the only one with this awareness

to connect to something higher.



To then possess a soul 

that not just lives in a world radiated by a star,

but also able to reflect that very light

That’s singularly unique.


Insanely unique they are 

relative to the immensity of the universe

when you rip apart all the materiality 

and see our inherent spirituality


To realize that we’re so individuality out of a vast sea of uniformity.




Soft illuminated string binds

Tighten high up from the sky

Lifted my elongated spine

Making room for my breathing mind


In Rhythm, I start to deeply inhale 

Follow by a long exhale 

Then holding my breathe for seconds

Before the next cycle begins once more


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